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My name is Shanna Bowden  and im 20 years old (2020) and I have been interested in Photography since being in A level. from there I wanted to be able to use what I had learned then in the future and I loved the idea of deciding to make it into a career instead of just a hobby.


from A level, I went on to University of Wales Trinity Saint Davids to do a BA Photography in the Arts degree. and throughout my time there I further developed my photography to help myself decide what type of work I wanted to produce in the future and realised that at first, I couldn't make my mind up to which style of photography I wanted to stick with.  and eventually I decided that I wanted to try a range of photography types including landscape, portraits and shadow work and fine art photography.


My time in University was amazing and I loved every moment of it. learning new things and keeping my interest to my full potential made me realise that carrying  on with photography was my main focus and was my main goal after University. and I felt that getting my work out there was the main part of doing that.  


Thank you for looking at my website and looking into me and my work.

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